Mission Fitness UK Fit Club

What is Fit Club?

Fit Club is an Exclusive Club run by Qualified Personal Trainers and Nutritionists whose passion is to help people who want to better their lifestyle with an improved diet and exercise.

What happens at Fit Club?

Fit Club starts with a quick weigh in and body measurements taken (Body fat %, BMI, BP etc).
You will then be given some nutritional advice and some recipes to try as well as home fitness workout examples.
You will then do an optional 20-30 minute low intensity fitness session to get you feeling better and moving around, because lets not talk about exercising, lets do some!

Why Fit Cub?

Because we all need that help and guidance, so why not get the advice from trained professionals and join other people who share the same goals and encourage each other to get there.

How much is Fit Club?
£6 per person or 10 for £50

When is Fit Club? Starting Thursday 2nd November
Every Thursday at 7.15pm – 8.15pm at Mission Fitness UK


Monday-Friday 0630 - 2100
Weekends 0900 - 1600
Bank Holidays 0900 - 1600

Mission Fitness UK,
Unit 14, Radcot Estate,
Park Road, Faringdon,