Member of the Month 2018

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​Each month we nominate a member of the month for their attendance and personal achievements.  It is always a very difficult decision for us, because so many members are doing so well.  We do not nominate members in their first month of membership, when we believe they are at their most motivated.



Gerry is one of our longer-serving gym members, who has alternated between 3-4 month gym memberships and lengthy periods in the sun (don't blame him under current circumstances!). He has been more settled in the UK recently, which has allowed him to advance through numerous training programmes.  His improvements have been significant and clear for all to see in the mornings he attends.  Gerry is 73 with the body that a fit and healthy person half his age would be proud of!!  He always gives 100% in everything he does and is a joy to have as a gym member.  This is the reason we have set up our fitness centre, to see people like Gerry excel, whilst enjoying what he does and reaping the rewards.  Brilliant effort Gerry, well deserved member of the month. 
James has been a gym member for just over a year now.  What we like about James, is his dedication and willingness to learn and improve both in his technique of free weights and through regular changes of his training programme.  Although a bad dose of the flu/cold also put him out of action for a while recently, he has still got back into a great routine and progressed gradually without detriment to his health and fitness.  James, you are a real grafter which has been clearly recognised by the staff.  We would like to congratulate you on your efforts and well deserved nomination for January, probably the most difficult month to train and motivate yourself.  Keep up the great work !!



Georgina has been a gym member since the end of October 2017 and has been on an extremely demanding training regime to prepare for a possible Bikini Body competition in the future.  Her commitment, both inside and outside of the gym has been very impressive and her improvements clearly visible.  This has required a huge amount of self-discipline with her nutrition and training alongside a very busy job.  Well done Georgina, we hope that you are successful if you decide to complete in the competition, even so, you have definitely reaped the benefits and should be proud of your efforts.  Keep up the great work.
Jack has been a gym member since the start of the New Year and has been fully committed in his training regime ever since.  He started off with a sensible 'get me in' training routine then sought advice from the team and has already progressed onto a more difficult and advanced training programme, demonstrating his willingness to learn and improve.  To put such effort and reap the rewards, in the mornings at 0630 am precisely, requires a huge amount of self-discipline and determination.  His progress has been impressive and he should be proud of his results.  You fully deserve your nomination for member of the month in April.  Keep up the good work !!



Andrew has been with us since the end of January, and his transformation has been very impressive in such a short time!  Andrew takes his training very seriously and is always striving to achieve the best form and performance, giving 100% in everything he does.  He has improved in all areas of his fitness and progressed gradually through a number of training programmes.  The results have been great and he is certainly benefiting from all of the hard work.  Well done Andrew, great effort !!

Double nomination for June - Hannah Fairlie and Linda Bonney are both regular class goers and our instructors have been really impressed by their commitment, grit, vigour and significant improvement in their level of fitness, recovery, boxing skills and abdominal/core strength.  Hannah and Linda well done for regularly attending classes through the hot and cold weather and even when when you have been exhausted before you have actually started the class!!  You totally deserve your award and it was too difficult to separate you both, so well done and keep up the great work.  See you at the next class !!



Michael has been a member with us since April and has certainly hit the ground running in the gym.  A very determined individual, Michael has given himself some strict but realistic and achievable training and nutritional goals.  His results have been evident.  He has lost a significant amount of weight and been able to recently switch to building lean muscle.
Couple Ben Fisher and Georgia Robins. They have been members since the end of May this year.  Ben and Georgia have endured many early mornings training hard at 0630am before work and a long day ahead of them, which takes  a lot of self-discipline and commitment.  They always give 100% and it is clear that they are really enjoying their training which makes working out so much easier.  Congratulations to you both, your improvements in such a short time have been noticeable and we hope that you are able to continue your great achievements.  Well done!!



 Jacob has lost a considerable amount of weight 30kg to be exact.  Jacob started training in the New Year, but started training hard in essence, from April.  His regime consists approx 1 hour of cardio and 1 hour of resistance exercises 5 times a week.  Something worthy of note is  that his nutritional changes have made a significant impact, which is why we always stress that you can train as hard as you want inside and outside of the gym, but fundamentally you are what you eat and drink !!  Well done Jacob on your amazing achievements, you thoroughly deserve your nomination this month and keep up the great work, you look fantastic !!
Anna has been with us since the end of August and has worked extremely hard, participating in a wide variety of classes in addition to a thorough training programme in the gym.  Her improvements have been clear to see, she has lost over a stone in weight, but more importantly is much fitter, healthier, happier, and 'toned'.  We know from experience that results like these do not come overnight and without real determination and effort.  Anna has demonstrated this through amazing self-discipline and patience to achieve great results.  Congratulations Anna you deserve your nomination and keep up the great work !

Member of the Year 2018


Jordan has been with us since February and if you have ever seen him in the gym during the day, due to his early morning job, you will no doubt see him performing advanced bodyweight exercises - such as chin ups, wind screen wipers with his legs, hand stand press ups and much more.  He attends the gym regularly, trains extremely hard and has improved across a wide range of strength and fitness areas in a commendable time.  Keep up the great work Jordan and maybe you can show us how to do some of your crazy exercise routines.  Well done !
Alice has stuck her head up above the parapet yet again this year.  Always willing to give every type of exercise a try, work on her weaknesses and strive for perfection.  Alice always gives 100% in everything that she does and ensures that each exercise is conducted with the best form.

She has never found working out easy, joining us some 5 years + ago when we first opened, Alice never enjoyed exercising and struggled with cardiovascular training.   She is now able to competently and confidently run on the treadmill, do kettlebell exercises with better form than most gym members and relishes the opportunity to get stronger, fitter and healthier.  This is particularly commendable as she recently reached 60 years of age !!

Well done Alice, you set the highest of example for both younger clients and those of a similar age.  Your improvements across a wide area have been significant and admirable.  Congratulations on your well deserved award from all of the staff.  Keep up the great work.
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